Checklist while buying art online

Checklist To Follow When Buying Art Online

Online sellers are dealers or agents themselves who serve as middlemen between the artists and the audience. They are over here to earn a hefty commission over the profit earned from the sale. So, one must verify the dealer or agent as to how long it has been in the business. It determines his or her credibility or genuineness in the market. Similarly, it implies an online art gallery that vouches for art from eminent artists at pocket-friendly prices.

Art improves your mental health

Role Of Art In Improving Your Mental Health

For thousands of years, art has been an integral part of human expressions, feelings, and moods. It has played a significant role in shaping our cultures, history, and experiences. However, beyond its aesthetic and cultural value, art also creates a positive impact on mental health.

Unique wedding gift

5 Reasons: Why Artwork Makes The ‘Perfect’ Wedding Gift

Traditional gifts like e-appliances, hampers, and showpieces are outdated, and you need to think of out-of-the-box wedding gift ideas to choose something truly spectacular – like artwork from masters. Yes! Artwork is unique, valuable, and most importantly memorable every time you see the gift.

Limited edition signed art

Diwali 2023: Brighten Your Living Spaces With Artprints

An artwork can brighten up your living space and fill your homes including bedrooms, living or dining rooms, and offices with spirit and soul. With artprints, you can always try to own the timeless art of masters.

Housewarming gifts

The Best Housewarming Gift During Diwali…

A housewarming party in Diwali lets the new homeowners share their joy, pride, and happiness with their loved ones. It creates a sense of togetherness & strengthens the bonds between family and friends.

Importance Of Art At Your Work Place

Why Art Is Important At Your Workplace?

The presence of exquisite art at the workplace will help to start informal talks among co-workers. It will help them take a break from monotonous work, discuss ideas, and ease the work pressure. This will open up their horizons to come up with creative solutions for their work.

Investment In Art

Art Investment Opportunities In India

Art has always been a lucrative investment amongst HNI (high net-worth individuals) for diversified wealth and creating value, especially when it can be treasured as a heirloom. Today, there are a lot of investors who include art in their investment portfolios.

Tyche: An Online Art Store

The Great Launch Of Tyche

Tyche – a leading art destination recently announced its debut into the world of limited-edition art prints, plates & collectibles at Giftex – India’s Premier Gift Exhibition. The brand brings an exclusive collection of luxury art pieces that are a testament to the fusion of artistic brilliance and lavish aesthetics.

Limited Edition prints

Tyche’s Limited Edition Artworks – A Perfect Luxury Gift

Why settle for ordinary gifts when you can gift something extraordinary? Don’t you want to be the gift giving hero who knocks everyone’s socks off? Of course, you do! So forget those boring, run-of-the-mill presents, and let’s explore the world of luxury limited edition art. Trust me, it’s going to blow your mind. Limited edition […]

Limited Edition Art

5 Compelling Reasons To Buy Art Prints & Collectibles

Art has been a part of human culture and social lives for centuries. People use art to express their emotions, communicate ideas, and even treasure it as an heirloom that can be passed download from one generation to another. Luxury art has a special place in the hearts & minds of people. Sometimes, the art […]