About Us

To bring the essence of fortune and chance into the lives of people. We offer specially-curated limited edition art prints, plates, and unique collectibles that embody the fusion of fine art and design, maintaining an essence of luxury. Through collaboration, merchandising, and the creation of customized merchandise, we aim to transform art into chic gifting options or adorn your living spaces.

To be a leading destination for art enthusiasts seeking for limited edition art prints and unique collectibles. We envision Tyche as a catalyst for collaboration & innovation, continuously exploring new avenues to create customized merchandise and elevate the artistic experience. We bring you the very best from the world of fine art and design that reflects your tastes & aspirations.

To maintain an essence of luxury & curate wonderful art for people. We aim to inspire individuals to embrace art as a transformative force that enriches their lives and homes with beauty, elegance, and the spirit of creativity. At Tyche, luxury art lovers can discover and own exquisite art pieces that will not only beautify their spaces but even reflect the spirit of artistic expression and the power of visual storytelling.

A bunch of passionate people who love pushing the boundaries for artistic expression –

Vickram Sethi – CEO & Founder

Tushar Sethi – Co-Founder

Digamber Sethi – Co-Founder/Operations Head

Furqan Mansuri /Abhishek Srivastava – Sales Manager

Kirti Rele – Sr. Business Developer

Sanjay Kadam – Digital Marketing Manager

Jitish Pardeshi – Administrative Manager

Sunil Verma – Content Manager

Pratham Joglekar – Social Media Executive

Tyche, is an ode to the Greek goddess of fortune and chance, embodying our mission to bring prosperity and success through the exquisite world of art.

At Tyche, artistic expression knows no bounds. From contemporary marvels to abstract wonders and realistic portrayals, our carefully-curated art collection caters to every discerning art lover’s taste. You can discover limited edition art prints and other unique collectibles. Each art-infused piece is conceptualized with immersive storytelling and accompanied by a ‘certificate of authenticity’, that makes it true value for money and exceptional quality.

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone and not just the elites of the society. Our collaboration with renowned artists allow us to unveil a fresh perspective on fine art and design. We offer merchandise that seamlessly intertwines with the tapestry of everyday existence.

Experience the magic of Tyche, where art becomes more than just an indulgence; it transforms into an inseparable part of your journey.